Monday, May 13, 2013

A rocket to the moon

Yeay,here we're again.
Till now, a lot of things happened.

Spring break finally end.
Muka habis burn pergi main pantai Hanoville 
mcq Epidemiology which just end
Next 2 days,I'll have Arab quiz and clinical skill test.
Okay,busy gila kot minggu ni -.-

Back to basic
reading the title post 
 I dont ever know how to describe
but I am sure enough that I'm living my life with bands
dari sekolah rendah,high school till now 

Simple Plan,Linkin Park,MCR etc
Let say that a normal girl will never know what I already knew about bands
Tak boleh nak resist dah,nak buat macam mana.
Whatever lah.Masing-masing

Besides,they're more inspiring
their lyrics,the songs
and there will be at least one handsome guy in a band
Hahahaha.Ignore the last

Anyway,the true reason why this post are here

baru find out A Rocket To The Moon breaking up
They're like my superhero during high school
Helped me go on with all the bullshit before
Alahhh.Why lah break up????
Dah la random
Rasa macam baru keluar single :O

Found out through these
I know the rumors are unexpectedly true after reading 

Their songs kept playing in mind since the evening
I remembered the first time I knew them
their EP 'Like We Used To'
Already 3 years since that 
Cepatnya masa 

I gonna miss them
.One of my favourite bands for a long time. Shame to see them break-up.
Pleasee come back

I learnt that everything not permanent in this world.
But we should try to make a life with the time given

One of my favourite bands for a long time. Shame to see them break-up.
Pleasee come back

ARTTM just a totally a good band.
Still can't accept the fact they're disbanded.

Gonna hear all of their song throughout all the night

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