Tuesday, April 30, 2013




My 1st entry. Hi :) Done deleting the old one and got a new one

For my own privacy though.
Didn't expect to have followers,so I'll try not to ever exposed you to others.Promise *

Basically,here I am at Alex 3.19 am.Fully awake and doing all these blog things while waiting for Subuh.

My spring breaks just started recently.2 weeks man!Exactly the same duration for winter break.and I have no plan to go anywhere.Sumpah bosan T.T

That's why my body-clock gettin messed up.Anyway, the awkwardness level for me to blogging risen.A longggggggggggg time , a year maybe? have a love-hate relationship with blogging.

him and etc.Okay,cerita lama.Ignore that lah fatin

Forget all those stupid things.New and fresh start.Insya-Allah. :)