Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I dont ever know when this begin
feeling sad and empty 

everything seems wrong
like i cant handle all the things happened daily
much easy to be annoyed with people
silent anger all the time

i just cannot express it

it was so hard
just to tell someone everything
so I like to keep it only for me

Quietly bare with these feelings
end up in the wrong way
everything just sucks and sucks

not to tell anyone 
that feeling like to die at the moment
dont know what to do
feeling soulless 

depressing enough
 but I literally smile and laugh outside

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dinner batch

Yesterday we're having our dinner batch for the 2nd time.
Like once a year
Exactly one dinner for one year.
I dont even know why how it turn out like that 

Dinner seems attempting to me
The food and how people getting dressin up
so,I love the idea for having once a year.

The theme for the night was act RETRO
Nostalgic Night the other one
guys seems dress up well
but the girls only limited to jubah and baju kurung
depressing enough,huh?

me myself just normally wearing baju kurung 
that dont even related to the theme
the other girls too maybe?
except some of them wearing vaguely 
like very vaguely

It just a dinner to introducing the batch's organization 
to mingle the medical and dentisty student
Kind of formal a lil
thats why I dont care enough 
except taking pictures here and there 

To say the truth,
It was a good and enjoying dinner 
yet they put some rules 
because the culture of Malaysian student here
'not to mixed with boys.bla bla bla bla...
it is for our own good.I know :)

the in love with this

feeling very grateful and regretful last night
as received many gifts from them
but i dont even give to anyone
rasa nak nangis sebab terharu sgt ;'0
sorrylah kawan2 yg bagi tapi tak dapat balik gift

i swear i taking photo like crazy during the dinner
the place was too crowded
me and my housemates are so lazy to find a place
so,bunches of selca turn out

our tablemate ,
Fea the usher(mind the spelling) and iela.
Cantik kan ?Asdfghjkl

 My lovely friends throughout 2 years
except ayu not here.
Ignore my stupid face :O

lastly,my fav selfie buddies,mek na.

so,that's it.
a lil bit of our dinner.

till next time :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

A rocket to the moon

Yeay,here we're again.
Till now, a lot of things happened.

Spring break finally end.
Muka habis burn pergi main pantai Hanoville 
mcq Epidemiology which just end
Next 2 days,I'll have Arab quiz and clinical skill test.
Okay,busy gila kot minggu ni -.-

Back to basic
reading the title post 
 I dont ever know how to describe
but I am sure enough that I'm living my life with bands
dari sekolah rendah,high school till now 

Simple Plan,Linkin Park,MCR etc
Let say that a normal girl will never know what I already knew about bands
Tak boleh nak resist dah,nak buat macam mana.
Whatever lah.Masing-masing

Besides,they're more inspiring
their lyrics,the songs
and there will be at least one handsome guy in a band
Hahahaha.Ignore the last

Anyway,the true reason why this post are here

baru find out A Rocket To The Moon breaking up
They're like my superhero during high school
Helped me go on with all the bullshit before
Alahhh.Why lah break up????
Dah la random
Rasa macam baru keluar single :O

Found out through these
I know the rumors are unexpectedly true after reading 

Their songs kept playing in mind since the evening
I remembered the first time I knew them
their EP 'Like We Used To'
Already 3 years since that 
Cepatnya masa 

I gonna miss them
.One of my favourite bands for a long time. Shame to see them break-up.
Pleasee come back

I learnt that everything not permanent in this world.
But we should try to make a life with the time given

One of my favourite bands for a long time. Shame to see them break-up.
Pleasee come back

ARTTM just a totally a good band.
Still can't accept the fact they're disbanded.

Gonna hear all of their song throughout all the night

Monday, May 6, 2013


A lil bit disappointed for now.The election for GE13 don't turn out well.Yeah,Malaysian knows who.Too many corruption and all I can say whatever.Enough of that

Yeah,it've been a while to talk about this or unofficially feels awkward for me to even say it.
Yes,almost a year since I'm single and seems I having a good life then.But, sometimes seeing the other couples made me jealous.And missing him.

Idk act why out of blue I feeling these kind of things.

Since me and him broke up,I try to just not thinking having a new bf.And that's maybe,I made myself not too attached to boys.Studying in Egypt make it worst,with the environment itself.I'm kind of made a gap between the boys and everything just awkward.Even I dont ever remember my own batch.Act I don't give an effort to even know the name of boys of my batch.

Anyway after a while seeing him,he have changed so much which more religious than before.Besides,he already studying overseas.Good one for him.Alhamdulillah.
Yeah,suppose that what I called friendship.I bet my feelings already over.No lovey-dovey,just friends.Eventhough we share many memories throughout high school,we're cool for now.
Sure that was a very good memories back then.I'll never forget.Maybe him too

Chill chill chill
Old stories people

Here comes the reality

I try to enjoy my life.Having fun and collecting memories with friends and family.But I admit I do get lonely lately.I dont even know why.I found myself watching love stories,quotes,stalking couples.Huhhh?What is wrong with myself.Hormones mungkin T.T

You know sarinja-maday couple? Go google them.Omg,they're like super awesome sweet couple.Their ldr can made someone just stalking their videos and pictures the whole day.Fangirling over them and me stupidly wishing I can just be like them one day in a good way.


Sometimes,I wish I have one but I dont ever ready.Met the wrong guys made me think twice.Feeling scare,cautious and hesitating.
I dont want to have a relationship just because I feel lonely and bored.That's all what school kids did.
How lame is that for a reason to begin a relationship,right?Pity them for who still believe that.Those kind will not ever long-lasting.

Taking care of this and that.Up,down,right and left.Briefly, still not the right time.The urge to have a boyfriend should wait.
Believing I shouldn't having a relationship in the first place if we dont ever have true feelings toward each other

Sumpah lame.Whatever lah 

but these quotes :)

'I want a relationship where we can act like idiots, talk about the most random stuff, share music, and never get tired of each other'

Finally,I can do something for what I've been thinking in mind.
Terkeluar semua.Heeeee.

Keep calm and wait.Believe in Allah,there'll be our time :)